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Artaire!  What kind of a name is that? . . . It's Scottish.  When I was a kid, my family's first pet was a large, friendly, but very intimidating Great Dane named Artaire.  He was part of everything we did.  He protected us, traveled with us, ate with us, and watched TV with us; he was part of the family.  My parents named me Arthur, but as I grew older my family and friends associated my name with our huge Great Dane, so naturally I inherited the name Artaire.  Today I am called all sorts of names; Arturo, Artimus, ACM, etc, but after lots of deep thought (and because I needed an original domaine name for my web site), I decided to name myself after my once proud and noble dog Artaire.  Lord, What have I done?  May he rest in peace! Have Mercy! Amen!


I've lived all over the USA, but today I live in Driggs, Idaho on the west side of

the Grand Tetons, just a short drive from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I am a graduate

of the Brooks Institute Wedding Photography Program in Ventura and have a Bachelor

of Arts Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of California in Santa

Barbara.  My background and education have given me a clear vision about how to

"deliver" for your Grand Affair, so I am always well prepared for the preplanned "must

have" photos and I stay alert with one eye open for those important, spontaneous, and

unforseen moments as well; when people forget themselves and open up to have one of

their best times ever.  As a photographer, it's not just about seeing the light for great

photographs, it's also about breaking down barriers, making it easy and having fun.


I'll keep in mind that it's a one time opportunity to bring family and friends together for a treasury of memories to hold onto for

the rest of your life and beyond; so I'd like to understand from your perspective a little more about how you visualize your dreams

and how you would like to see your final photo album.  Please visit my "investment page" for a variety of options for photography

sessions, albums, and other opportunities!













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